RH Stone Surfaces Limited have supplied and fitted granite for over 60 years and as such we have gained immense knowledge on this luxurious material. We have put together some care and maintenance information about granite for your attention.

Granite is tough but not indestructible.

For everyday cleaning we recommend that you wipe the surfaces with water and a little mild detergent. A dry microfiber or clean soft cloth should be used for buffing up. RH Stone Surfaces Limited supply cleaning products for use with all of their materials if required.

Never use bleach, chlorine based cleaning products or concentrated disinfectants on your work surfaces. If they do come into contact with your work surface wash them off with clean water immediately to avoid any damage.

Do not use abrasive cleaning materials such as steel wool, scouring pads etc on your work surfaces.

If any acidic, oily or abrasive material is spilled onto the surface please wipe it away immediately.

Acidic and strongly coloured food (beetroot, citrus juice, wine, cola etc) can stain and etch the granite surface so wipe up any spills immediately.

Do not place hot pans directly onto the granite from the oven or hob as this may discolour/scorch the surface. We recommend the use of a trivet or pan stand.

We do not recommend that you chop or cut on the granite work surface as this could blunt your knives and may cause dulling of the polish. A chopping board should always be used.

Do not stand or put undue pressure on the granite especially where appliances are positioned underneath. Please avoid dropping or knocking objects on the edge or surface as this may cause damage.

And if in doubt please contact our sales team on 0191 4545600 where a member of staff will help with any queries you may have.


How quickly will you supply my granite worktop?
From order to completion usually within 7-10 working days.

What is the usual path to obtaining granite worktops?
Call into our showroom with a rough sketch and sizes to get a budget quotation.

Can you supply marble granite and quartz worktops in L, U, S or other complex shapes?
As we offer a totally bespoke service we can manufacture and supply granite to individual needs.

What is the longest length of granite you do?
Granite sheets come in lengths between 2.8m and 3.2m depending on current stock.

Can I have a sample?
Yes, certainly come to our showroom and you will be given the colours you require.

Why are the granites different prices?
There are different price groups, but this does not reflect their quality. It is based on availability and their source.

Can I put pans onto the granite worktop?
No, we recommend that you don't as it can scorch the granite.

Can I scratch my granite worktop?
Diamond tipped knives and highly abrasive material will damage your surface.

Can chips in a granite worktop be repaired?
Yes, our professonal craftsmen are able to repair most chips and scratches with a suite of specialist tools.

How do I clean my granite worktop?
Hot water with a little detergent and a clean cloth to polish.


Do my units need any extra strengthening?
No, as long as they are fitted correctly.

What do I need to do before templating?
All base units need to be fitted and fixed into place and all appliances need to be on site.

What should I do before installation?
All areas need to be clean, tidy and accessable. Any temporary work surfaces sinks etc need to be removed prior to your visit by our template and fitting team so accurate templates can be made, and again for the superior installation of your finished granite surface.


Do you use subcontractors?
We only use our Template and fitting team to carry out our work to provide customers with the service and finish we pride ourselves on.

How do you join the worktop?
Our fitters use specialist silicone to adhere and seal the butt joints.

Can I template and/or fit the granite myself?
We recommend that you use our team from start to finish, however if you are confident in DIY, bring your templates to us for production, unfortionately we don't offer installation on this service.

How is the stone ficed to the units?
We use specialist silicone to adhere the worktops to the base units.

Do you do plumbing?
No, we will fit undermounted sinks in place, ready for the plumber to plumb it in 12-24 hours later.